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Carstens - West German Ceramics

Carstens  was a  West German ceramic company from 1945 -84.  Some of our favourite pieces and designs come from this manufacturer. So, here's just a little bit of information about them to help you identify and learn a little more...Most of the shapes and designs were made by Trude Carstens - the artistic director (until 1965). They were a successful company, with their peak from the 50s-70s.

Generally, pieces are very good quality -and I think come in some very stylish and brave forms and glazes. To ID - turn over the item and you'll see a reddish clay around  the base  rim and usually the maker's mark of two little houses with a C beneath, with W. Germany imprinted. The number you see is the design number, followed by the height. Also many had gold foil stickers.







Some of the more valuable and collectible Carstens pieces come from the Luxus & Atelier range - other well know and collectible designers were Gerda Heuckeroth and Dieter Peter.

There are many examples of decorative Carstens Ceramics - but prices are rising and the larger, the more decorative the design - the harder to find. Prices should start from small items around £25 - but for larger floor vases can reach up to £200. We have a good selection in our our online shop under ceramics. For more info Mark Hill's book on Fat Lava is an invaluable resource as is Kevin Graham who hosts a fantastic forum for vintage pottery and glass.


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