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Reviving Vintage Furniture

polishing vintage furniture reviving wood

I thought I'd let you all into one of my best vintage amazing potion that cleans and revives vintage wood. From antique mahogany to 1960s teak, this recipe works wonders and often fixes a piece of furniture you'd think would need a professional polish. I use this on all furniture and also wooden bowls, fact any real wood with a little wear should appreciate this make over.

First up, wash, rinse & keep your plastic washing up bottle next time it finishes.  The ingredients you need to buy are as follows - Methylated Spirits, Pure Turpentine (it's important to use pure - the one that artist's use to clean their expensive brushes) and Boiled Linseed Oil...all available from most good hardware stores.



Then you need to need to make up the washing up bottle bottle with three parts of each ingredient. I use a Pyrex measuring jug and measure out approx 200mls to start with of each liquid so I have a nice equal measure. The potion should look almost golden, but when you shake it - it should go a cloudy creamy colour.

To apply, shake the washing up bottle and cloud up the liquid, squirt generously onto some wadding or a soft clean cloth and wipe firmly and thoroughly over the wooden surface'll be amazed how much dirt can come of a piece of wood, straight after wipe any excess off with a pure cotton cloth. The meths and turps should do all the cleaning whilst the linseed oil will do the reviving and hiding any light scratches. If the wood is really dirty repeat the whole process again.

Call me a little odd - but I love the smell too!  Hope this works as well as it down for you as it has for me....good luck and let me know how you get on.


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