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Val St Lambert

I've recently been searching around for more information on the Belgian glass factory Val St Lambert. There's plenty of information on post 1940's designs -  the 1900's was the  factory's heyday, leading the world throughout both Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods with stunning  luxury cut glassware. However, when looking for post-war, midcentury styles - there's little to be found. Over the years, I've always been attracted to Val St Lambert pieces - They are quite distinctive to identify (which is quite rare in modernist glass!) The common attribute to most pieces is the heavy weight - pick a piece up, even a small bit and it's noticeably heavier than most. This is down to the quality and depth of the lead crystal. The shapes tend to be very organic with rounded lobes and swirls that feature throughout the designs and the colours are quite distinctive  - pale pink, yellows, and light blue. Often signed, but not always, we know that Riihimaki's Nanny Still designed a few pieces, also Charles Graffart  - their leading designer through the 60s....but not much else I'm afraid. Really classy, quality pieces that often undeservedly fall under the shadows of Murano and Scandinavian Glass.

We hope you like our little selection - and any lovely experts out there who can share more information about this period - please do comment!


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